TLISI Recordings

The following are recordings of Canvas workshops from the Teaching, Learning, and Innovation Summer Institute (May 2016):

Canvas: Basics

  • How content can be added and managed to your course site
  • How assignments are created, submitted, and graded
  • How to use the calendar to schedule class sessions, events, and appointments
  • How to communicate with students using announcements, conversations, and notifications
  • How to use Canvas Support

Canvas: Advanced I

  • How to combine (cross-list) canvas courses
  • How to add people to your course
  • How to create groups
  • How to create quizzes and assessments
  • How to perform learning analytics

Canvas: Advanced II

  • How to enable Lecture Capture (Echo360) in a Canvas course
  • How to use Web Conferencing (Zoom) in a Canvas course
  • How to create and use Voicethreads in a Canvas course
  • How to use Sharestream in a Canvas course
  • How to use Turnitin assignments